If you want to learn guitar or need help improving, Aaron offers guitar lessons in Clifton Springs. Here’s some of the things Aaron can help you achieve:

  • Strum along with any chord based song and learn how to do it by ear
  • Work towards even the most complicated songs and solos
  • Be able to improvise and jam with any band or backing track in any style
  • Write your own music
  • Record your own songs or covers of your favourite songs
  • Develop your techniques to a high level
  • Understand music theory and apply it to your playing

If there’s something you want to be able to do on guitar, send Aaron a message here to find out how to get started.

Guitar Lessons in Clifton Springs (20 minutes from Geelong)

If you live in the Geelong/Bellarine Peninsula area (Victoria, Australia), you can learn guitar in person with Aaron. Aaron has been teaching students in Clifton Springs for fifteen years and can help you achieve your goals on guitar.

Find out more about in-person lessons here