Guitar Lessons in Clifton Springs, Victoria

If you live near Geelong you can learn guitar with Aaron in person in his home studio in Clifton Springs.

Find out more about in-person lessons here

Available Times

To see if Aaron has an available time that suits you, check out his timetable here. The timetable changes often so if you would like to be notified if a certain time becomes available, contact Aaron to be added to his waiting list.

Styles and Topics

If you want to learn a certain style or grow your skills towards a certain goal, Aaron has probably already helped other students do the same things. Or maybe you know you want to learn guitar but are unsure what is possible. Here are a few examples of what you could learn on guitar with Aaron’s help:


Aaron has quite a few students wanting to learn metal songs and techniques. This means if you want to learn any metal songs anywhere from Metallica to Dream Theater, Aaron has extensive experience in teaching the necessary techniques and skills. Learn how to play:

  • Sweep picking
  • Arpeggios all over the fretboard
  • Develop your picking control for even the fastest riffs
  • Learn to write your own metal styled riffs
  • Grow your rhythm skills to play even the most complicated riffs and time signatures

Metal is a very fun style to play on guitar and takes a lot of skill to master. Aaron can make the entire process easier and help you learn songs faster with more control.


Blues is a very liberating style to learn to play. Being able to sit down and jam along with a blues backing track is a great way to relax and enjoy music. Learning how to play the blues properly is far more than learning a handful of licks and stringing them together. Aaron focuses on teaching his blues students how to think creatively and express that creativity through coming up with unique blues jams. Aaron can teach you:

  • How to jam in any key freely all over the fretboard
  • How to break away from limiting Pentatonic box shapes
  • Use modes and exotic scales to bring a fresh sound to your blues jams
  • Learn how to control the slide and use it for more traditional blues sounds
  • Write your own blues songs or jams

Aaron has taught blues to students aged 13-64. Even if you have never played guitar before you can learn how to play and enjoy blues.


If you want to learn how to shred like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen or any other technical player, Aaron can help you develop your skills and work on even the most complicated solos. Being able to shred is far more than just playing scales as fast as possible up and down the neck – it’s about being free to use your techniques and skills any way you want. The goal isn’t to play as fast as possible, it’s about having control. Aaron can teach you:

  • How to understand modes and apply them in solos
  • How to use exotic scales to achieve unique sounds and moods
  • Write your own instrumental songs
  • Develop techniques and skills to a high level
  • Analyze solos from other guitarists and learn from them

Songwriting and Improvisation

Being able to play songs is great, but the real joy comes from writing your own songs and coming up with your own solos. For a lot of people that’s the whole point of playing guitar – to create music. Aaron can teach you:

  • How to craft interesting melodies for your songs
  • Write effective chord progressions and riffs
  • Write parts for other instruments
  • Record your songs using professional software
  • Be able to freely improvise in any style
  • Be able to jam in any key

If any of the above styles sound interesting to you, you will enjoy lessons with Aaron. Find out more about Aaron’s lessons here.