Aaron teaches guitar in Clifton Springs which is 25 minutes out of Geelong on the Bellarine Peninsula.

If you live in the Bellarine Peninsula, Clifton Springs is only a short drive. Here’s an estimate of how far away it is to other towns:

  • From Geelong: 25 minutes
  • From Leopold: 15 minutes
  • From Drysdale: 1 minute
  • Portarlington: 5 minutes
  • From Ocean Grove: 15 minutes

Lesson Rates

I provide all lesson materials so there are no added costs. You don’t need to buy guitar books because I create custom lesson plans tailored to your needs. The lesson materials I provide may include:

  • Guitar Lesson Plans
  • MP3/CD Backing Tracks
  • Software/Apps
  • Guitar TABs

For teenagers, my rate is: $25 per 30 minute lesson

30 minute lessons are recommended for students 14-18 years old as hour long lessons can be a bit overwhelming. Of course, if you feel you would benefit from hour long lessons instead, I’m happy to do it.

For adults, my rate is: $30 per 30 minute lesson

Whether you prefer a 30 minute lesson or a 60 minute lesson is personal preference. Some adults feel 30 minutes is enough every week while others feel they learn faster with the 60 minute lesson. If you’re unsure we can always start with 30 minute lessons and change later on.

Lessons for children: unfortunately I do not teach children under the age of 14. This is because I enjoy teaching teenagers and adults due to the faster progress older students can achieve and want to focus my attention on older students.

A quiet and encouraging environment

Aaron teaches out of a quiet family home so you can relax and focus on learning guitar without any distractions. This is a more effective way to learn compared to learning from your own home because there are absolutely no distractions.

Aaron’s teaching methods

A lot of guitar teachers simply buy a guitar method book and teach straight out of the book. This is an incredibly inflexible way to learn guitar and doesn’t suit most students. I create custom guitar lesson plans tailored to your needs so you can focus on the topics that you want to learn.

I actually coach guitar teachers from across the world so you can feel confident that I will be using the most effective teaching methods and strategies. I have spent a lot of time studying teaching methodologies and know how to get great results.

What you can learn in Aaron’s lessons

There are so many different things you can learn in the guitar lessons, so much more than just technical skills. If you have something specific you want to learn then Aaron can work out a plan to make sure you achieve it. Even if you don’t know what you want to be able to do with guitar, Aaron can give you guidance and find out what you will enjoy the most.

Here’s a few ideas on what Aaron can help you learn in his lessons:

  • Jam with other musicians
  • Write your own songs
  • Learn to improvise effectively
  • Learn songs in any style
  • Record your own music

No contracts and no waiting rooms

Many of my students came to me because they were fed up with music schools requiring them to lock in to contracts and to pay up to a term worth of lessons in advance. I believe it’s unfair to force students to sign these contracts. You won’t need to worry about contracts with me. If for whatever reason you decide not to continue, that’s fine. I don’t require contracts because I get results. I work hard to make sure that you learn guitar effectively and that’s what’s important – not contracts.

Some guitar teachers and music schools schedule lessons back to back. For example: if a lesson is scheduled from 4:00 pm to 4:30 pm, they will schedule the next lesson at 4:30 pm. When you think about it, every student loses in this situation. A student will never get their full 30 minute lesson because the teacher will be getting them out the door for the next lesson.

If you look at my Available Times, you will notice that all my scheduled lessons have 15 minute gaps. This means you will always get your full lesson, even if the previous student finishes late.

You get 100% of my attention

You may have noticed other guitar teachers and music schools offering group lessons. The idea is that three or more students have a lesson together and you pay a lower fee. Although it sounds like a good idea, it just doesn’t work in reality. Everybody learns at a different pace and it doesn’t take long for students in group lessons to drift apart. This results in the advance students getting bored and the other students getting frustrated.

I only teach one-to-one lessons which means you get 100% of my attention. You learn at your own pace and will never have to wait for other students to catch up. One-to-one guitar lessons are the most effective way to learn and over the long term the most worthwhile.

As you can see I’m very passionate about these issues and want to emphasise that I care about my students. I don’t cram my students in to group lessons or require contracts. I do what is right for my students because it’s the right thing to do.

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