Skype Guitar Lessons

Skype allows you to learn guitar from your home using a computer, tablet or TV (depending on the model). Instead of having the guitar teacher in the same room as you, you interact through video.

You can read more information on Skype at Skype’s website. Their website explains everything very clearly. In addition to having the right equipment to use Skype, your Internet speed must be fast enough for the video to stream smoothly. Check out the Requirements for Skype Guitar Lessons page to test your system.

Learning Guitar via Skype

Learning guitar online via Skype is very similar to the traditional lessons in person. The obvious difference is the teacher is not actually in the same room as you. This means the teacher could be anywhere in the world (I’m in Australia). Skype guitar lessons are great for people unable to find a guitar teacher in their local area.

Skype guitar lessons also give you flexibility over when you want to learn. Want to learn at 1:00am? It would be pretty hard to find a tutor locally wanting to teach at that time but it’s very likely somebody on the other side of the planet will be able to teach you. I’ve actually taught a couple students in the UK at 1:00am their time which works out to 10:00am my local time.

The actual lessons are very similar to in-person lessons. We can do almost everything the same apart from a couple limitations. As long as you understand the limitations of Skype guitar lessons, you will find them extremely effective and enjoyable. Here are the main limitations to online guitar lessons:

  • I’m not in the same room as you – that basically means I can’t move your hand into position on the guitar or tune the guitar up for you. However I’ve been teaching online enough to know how to quickly overcome this limitation
  • There is a slight delay between us – that means we can’t play guitar at the same time. To overcome this limitation I will send you backing tracks as needed so you’ll still be able to learn to jam or play along with songs

As you can see, the limitations of Skype guitar lessons aren’t that bad. Everything else is the same as in person lessons. Once you get used to the slight delay between signals, you won’t even notice it.

Payment Method

The payment method I use for Skype guitar lessons is PayPal. PayPal is a secure method of payment and allows you to transfer money anywhere around the world. As my rates are in Australian Dollars, you can use PayPal to convert the amount to your local currency. Find out more about PayPal on their website (it’s free for you to use).

Once we schedule a suitable time for lessons, I’ll send you an invoice via PayPal. You will receive the invoice in an email. From there you can log on to the PayPal site and make the payment from your bank account or credit/debit card. I require payment before our scheduled lesson and if you need to miss a scheduled lesson after payment we can simply reschedule.

In other words, you only pay for lessons you actually use. Unlike other guitar teachers I don’t penalize you if you miss a lesson although I would appreciate it if you could notify me early if you need to miss a lesson.

Skype Guitar Lesson Rates

I schedule 60 minute Skype guitar lessons at a rate of $50 AUD per hour. Most people find 60 minute Skype lessons work best but we can always change to 30 minute lessons if you feel they would work better for you.

Everything is included in the rate which may include:

  • MP3 Backing Tracks
  • Sheet Music/Guitar TABs
  • Guitar Lesson Plans
  • Exercise Worksheets

See what times I have available for Skype guitar lessons here to schedule a lesson.