Skype Guitar Lessons

Take Online Guitar Lessons With Me

While you can learn a lot from YouTube videos, a teacher giving you one-on-one lessons can make a big difference to your progress.

I give online webcam guitar lessons to students across the world and if you’re interested, you may enjoy lessons with me too.

Have a read through the below details and send me a message here if you’re interested in taking lessons with me. We can have a chat about what you want to learn and how I can help you with your goals.

Skype Guitar Lessons

Online guitar lessons via webcam are very similar to in-person lessons (I used to teach in-person lessons for many years).

The way it works is we use a program like Skype and webcams to connect to each other. You can have your lessons from the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you.

Check out this page for full details on what Skype guitar lessons are like, how they work, and why you might be interested in taking online lessons.


I structure my lessons based on what each individual student wants to learn. This means I create a lesson plan based on your goals as a guitarist.

Every teacher has their own strengths and weaknesses. Finding a teacher with strengths that match your needs as a student is really important.

To find out what my strengths are as a teacher, what type of music I teach, and what type of students I teach, check out this page.


Be wary of teachers who are open to teaching anybody. Nobody is an expert across all styles of music.

To make sure I give the best quality lessons possible, I only teach students who fit these criteria:

  • Electric Guitar (6 or 7 string)
  • 16 years and up
  • An interest in rock, metal, blues, or similar styles

If you want to chat to see whether I’m a good fit for you or not, send me a message here. You can also read about the type of music I listen to here.

You get the best results using a laptop/PC/Mac with a webcam. The large monitor makes it easy for you to see what I’m playing on my guitar and the webcam is important for me to clearly see you.

If your PC/Mac doesn’t have an inbuilt webcam, you can buy a new or second hand external webcams (I bought mine new from eBay).

My rate is $40 USD for 45-minute weekly lessons.

This rate includes all lesson materials I send you outside of our lesson times (eg: TABs, backing tracks, PDFs, etc.)

If you have any questions for me about how lessons work, what you would like to learn, or anything else I haven’t answered here, send me a message.

I’ll answer your questions and we can have a chat to see if I’m the right teacher for you or not.

Check out these pages for more details on my online guitar lessons: